So it turns out that my blog post on my experience completing a BC “out of province” vehicle inspection is ranking in the top ten results on Google for those keywords. In my opinion, that is a failure of the BC government. It should be straightforward for citizens in this province to find information on how to register a car from a different province. It was difficult enough for me to find this information and I’m a university-trained informatics nerd.

My car was from Ontario. It was about 20 years old and it was going to be driven in Victoria, so it didn’t need an AirCare certificate.

The way I got my car registered in BC was simple. I took my car to a local mechanic who could do the inspection (Parkside Motors – I recommend them if you need a good mechanic in Victoria BC). The car failed but Andrew pointed out how it failed and offered options to get it to pass. The fixes were simple: a new muffler, a rear light, two new tires, etc. After I made the improvements, I brought the car back to the same place and they re-inspected it (for no additional charge) and then gave me two-copies of the certificate. You keep one copy in the car and one copy you give to ICBC. That’s it if you live in Victoria.

The list of things that are checked are found on the form. My main concern was failing the test and then having to pay twice for the inspection, but it turns out that it is pretty standard in the industry to offer a second inspection at no charge if you go back to the same place. Just ask them.

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